Man and Woman Drinking from RapidPure Water Bottles In Front of a Waterfall

Purification in Every Sip

Clean, safe water for all your adventures. 99.99% protection from viruses, bacteria, and more.

"It protects against everything, has a great flow rate,’s easy to use."

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Woman Filling RapidPure Bottle

As easy as fill and drink

Forget about backflushing, pressing, squeezing, or pumping - RapidPure filters and purifies as you drink.

Confidence in Every Sip

Next-level purification and filtration effectively removes 99.99% of viruses, bacteria, parasites, and more from drinking water.

Faster Flow Rates

OpenPore technology delivers safe, fresh water in a flash as you drink - less waiting, more adventuring.

Great Tasting Water

Activated carbons remove odors and make water taste the way it should - refreshing and pure.

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